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Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor

Late August, 2003 Vicky was diagnosed with Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor, an extremely rare and life threatening blood problem. This is the story of Vicky's experiences with Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor.

Too overwhelmed by it all at first to take notes, some of the earlier dates are close estimates. This site is not written from a professional viewpoint, rather it is intended to let others in similar situations have an idea of what may occur.

In Vicky's struggle against Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor, she needed several dangerous drugs to help her. Unfortunately, these other drugs weakened her system and she later was hospitalized for pneumonia and a perforated intestine.

FactorVIII.Org suggests.

My Prayers Vicky's favorite prayers and verses, with new entries selected by Vicky.

Vicky's Philippine recipes is frequented by visitors search for pancit recipes, adobo recipes, and lumpia recipes. Why not try out some of Vicky's Philippine recipes?